Savings Account

The ICICI Bank Savings Account in Sri Lanka is designed to ensure that you earn better returns on your money. The account could be held in LKR, EURO, GBP and USD. You can now earn attractive interest along with the option of withdrawing funds whenever you need.

Current Account

With an ICICI Bank Current Account you are on your way to managing your funds with ease. It’s the most convenient way to handle your day to day transactions.

Young Stars Account

Young Stars account is a unique savings account tailored to suit the banking requirements of children. The Young Stars account allows children up to the age of 18 years, to learn and manage their finances, while the account is operated and monitored completely by their parents. While it will help parents save for their child, it will concurrently enable parents guide their children through the world of banking.

Senior Citizens Account

This is the best time of your life. Make the most of it by availing high returns from our Senior Citizens Account. There are a lot of benefits as we believe in understanding your needs. The Senior Citizens of ICICI Bank will be identified by the ATM cum Debit Card which is given with the Welcome Kit.

Salary Account

ICICI Bank Salary Account is the most convenient account that we have introduced for all the personnel in any sector. There is no hassle in maintaining a minimum balance and you can even withdraw funds whenever you need at any VISA enabled ATM (Island wide) for free! Not only for the employee, employers too can simply open their corporate accounts with ICICI Bank to handle hassle free monthly salaries and get a package full of advantages to treat their staff the best.