Cash Management Services

    ICICI Bank's Cash Management Services offer full range of advanced products and services to efficiently process your payments. We cater to all your cash management requirements under one roof to optimise your cash flow position and to ensure effective management of your business operation.


    • Wide range of CMS products
    • Advanced technology support and a highly competent team
    • Timely execution of disbursement request


    ICICI Bank offers payment solutions that cater to all the requirements of a corporation. The payment product suite includes bulk disbursement solution through Integrated Payment System, Internet-based cheque writing which facilitates printing of instruments at your own office and Payable at Par solution for payment of dividend, interest and for redemption.


    Payment solutions of ICICI Bank offered through Integrated Payment System (IPS) not only offers multiple modes of payment but also facilitates functional, operational and financial benefits like:

    • Single file upload to effect multiple modes of payments
      • Physical modes include cheques, Pay Orders
      • Electronic modes include direct credit to ICICI Bank account holders, SLIPS and RTGS
    • Web-based access for uploading and authorising printing requests
    • ERP extractor for extracting data directly from the ERP system
    • Host-To-Host connectivity for Straight Through Processing of transactions
    • Data encryption for enhanced security
    • Partial batch authorisation and processing
    • Dynamic signature printing
    • Printing of instruments and direct dispatch to beneficiaries
    • Tracking of dispatches
    • Advices over e-mail to beneficiaries
    • Customised annexure printing for cheques
    • Customised MIS

    Paper Based

    Paper-based payment modes offered under the CMS payment solutions include cheque printing, Pay Order printing and Internet-based cheque writing.

    Cheque Printing

    One of the preferable modes of making payment used by corporates is through the issuance of customer cheques. ICICI Bank offers customised cheque-writing solutions to various companies. This facility includes printing, signing and despatch of cheques. One important feature of customer cheques is that they can be customised to suit your exact requirement.


    Cheque printing is offered to corporates for making payments. Along with printing the instrument, the customer has an option to print the cover note advice and imprint the facsimile signature of the signatories of the company. The advice shows beneficiary details and some additional fields of information as required by you. Further, ICICI Bank also offers remote cheque printing solutions wherein cheques are printed at our office and dispatched to your office or to the beneficiary. Through this facility the turnaround time for delivery as well as the costs involved are reduced.

    Pay Order Printing

    Pay Order printing renders corporations to make bulk disbursements through pay orders. This facility includes printing and dispatch of pay orders.

    Internet-Based Cheque Writing

    Internet-based cheque writing solution of ICICI Bank provides printing facility at your premises, based on information uploaded through Corporate Internet Banking.


    Internet-based cheque printing offers the following advantages:

    • Cheques can be printed decentrally at your premises. This would reduce the turnaround time involved in the delivery of cheques
    • Timely disbursement of funds with practically no paper work at the back office
    • Both three per page and cover note stationery can be used for printing (advices and annexures cannot be printed)
    • Minimum processing cost on account of Straight Through Processing of cheques without any intervention of ICICI Bank
    • Convenience of e-authorisation for all uploaded transactions
    • Larger geographical reach for making payments

    Electronic Payments

    Electronic modes of payment solutions offered by ICICI Bank include Funds Transfer, Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System (SLIPS) and Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS). Further, ICICI Bank also offers the facility to send e-mail advices to the beneficiaries for all electronic fund transfers.

    Funds Transfer

    This facility can be used for payment by customers to beneficiaries who are ICICI Bank account holders. This method of funds transfer is the fastest and the most secure form of remittance.

    Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System (SLIPS)

    SLIPS facilitates transfer of funds electronically from one account to another, between SLIPS participant bank branches and other financial institutions in Sri Lanka. This product offers functionality of same day value transfers for payment requests made before 10.30 AM on bank working days and next working day value transfers for payment requests made after 10.30 AM. It is primarily for low value transactions and offers an efficient, secure, economic, reliable and expeditious solution for funds transfer.

    Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)

    RTGS offers functionality of online, real time, funds transfer facility across banks. This facility can be used for transfers involving an amount greater than or equal to Rs. 1,00,000/-. RTGS advantages include

    • Seamless movement of funds
    • Real time transfers and faster credit
    • E-mail alerts to beneficiaries