Code of Conduct – ICICI Bank Sri Lanka

The Bank has adopted a comprehensive staff code of conduct, termed as ‘Group Code of Business Conduct and Ethics’, committed by every staff member of the bank, by signing.


In addition, under clause 5 of the Banking Act Direction No:8 of 2011 – Customer Charter of Licensed Commercial Banks issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, highlights the customers’ rights to know the details of the agents appointed for customer services by the licensed banks and the ‘Code of Conduct’ issued to them by banks. The contents of this document meet this requirement.


The agents’ code


The bank has prescribed a code of conduct for our Direct Selling Agencies (DSAs) whose services we may avail to market our products/ services or for collection/recovery purposes which amongst other matters requires them to identify themselves when they approach our customers for collections or selling our products personally or through phone. We will ensure that any third party or agent acting on our behalf or selling our product complies with the Code in respect of all products and services covered by the Code.


(1) Adherence to the ‘Code of Conduct’


The Bank will:

  • Provide our customers with a copy of the Code, upon request, over the counter or by electronic communication or mail,
    • Provide our customers (including new customers) with a copy of the Code upon request, when they open their account,
    • Make available this Code at the branch(es) and on our website,
    • Ensure that the staff is trained to provide relevant information about the Code and to put the Code into practice.


(2) The Conduct of the Agents:

All Business Development Executives (BDE) will:

  • Respect personal space – maintain adequate distance from the customer/prospect,
  • Not enter the customer’s/prospect’s residence /office against his/her wishes;
  • Not visit in large numbers – i.e., not more than one BDE and one supervisor, if required,
  • Respect the customer’s/prospect’s privacy,
  • If the customer/prospect is not present and only family members/office persons are present at the time of the visit, he/she should end the visit with a request for the customer/prospect to call back,
  • Provide his/her telephone number, supervisor’s name or the concerned bank officer’s contact details, if asked for by the customer.
  • Limit discussions with the customer/prospect to the business – Maintain a professional distance,
  • No misleading statements /misrepresentations permitted,
  • Tele Marketing Executive (TME)/Direct Marketing Executives (DME) should not –
    • Mislead the customer/prospect on any service/ product offered,
    • Mislead the customer/prospect about their business or organization’s name, or falsely represent themselves,
    • Make any false/unauthorized commitment on behalf of ICICI Bank for any facility/service,
    • Not engage in executing/completing any security documentation outside the banks premises.