Securities Investment Accounts (SIA)

With the relaxation of foreign exchange transactions in Sri Lanka, the Central Bank has introduced SIA accounts for eligible investors for investments in Government securities, equity capital of companies incorporated in Sri Lanka and units of unit trusts in Sri Lanka. In line with these guidelines, ICICI Bank Securities Investments Accounts (SIA) has been designed to offer you a reliable and secure platform towards making investments in Sri Lanka and maximize returns on your investment.

Special Foreign Investment Deposit Account (SFIDA)

If you are a Citizen of a foreign state or a Non-Resident Sri Lankan domiciled overseas or employed abroad and looking for a good place to invest your money in, don't look further than ICICI Bank's Special Foreign Investment Deposit Accounts (SIFDA). Not only do we offer attractive returns on them, you have a basket of currencies to choose from. The ability to re-convert and repatriate the capital and the interest makes SFIDA one among the most lucrative deposit schemes in the region. What's more, you have the option of choosing tenures from as short as one month to as long as five years.