Online Banking

    Fixed deposit

    Planning for your future? You need ICICI Bank's Fixed Deposit, which gives you a superior rate of return. Besides a range of currencies, the account also gives you the option of investing your funds for various durations of time, starting from just one month. Go ahead, choose the one that suits you best. What's more, the automated renewal facility ensures your money earns interest continually.


    • Great Returns

    • Maximum returns on your deposits. Latest Interest Rates.

    • Multiple Currencies

    • Deposits are offered in LKR, EURO, GBP and USD.

    • Automatic Renewal Of Deposits

    • You can instruct us to automatically renew your deposit on maturity, at the time of opening.

    • Flexibility

    • You have a wide choice of tenure to choose from 1 month upto 60 months, depending on your requirements.

    • Easy Access

    • If you could have savings or current account relationship with us you can view your deposit details by logging on to Online Banking.

    • Nominations

    • You could nominate any person/s during the relationship for amounts of your choice.

    • Power Of Attorney

    • You could appoint any person of full contractual capacity to operate the account in your absence.

    • Safe Deposit locker facility*

    • E Deposit Confirmation Advice - On placement and renewals of deposits


    Deposits with ICICI Bank are covered under the Deposit Insurance Scheme implemented by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka up-to amounts specified under the scheme.