Savings Account

    The ICICI Bank Savings Account in Sri Lanka is designed to ensure that you earn better returns on your money. The account could be held in LKR, EURO, GBP and USD. You can now earn attractive interest along with the option of withdrawing funds whenever you need.


    • Attractive Interest Rates

    • Your value-added rupee savings account earns you an attractive interest rate. It offers the return of a fixed deposit combined with liquidity at all time. The interest is calculated on the closing balance at the end of the day and credited to your account at the end of every month. Latest Interest Rates.

    • Debit Card

    • Your debit card is free with your savings account. over 1000 VISA ATM's and 14000 merchant establishments in Sri Lanka and around the world that display a VISA sign and make purchases at millions of establishments locally and overseas.

    • Multiple currencies

    • Deposits are offered in LKR, EURO, GBP and USD.

    • Free Statements

    • Your Savings Account will be provided with monthly statements free of cost.

    • Free Online Banking

    • Enjoy access to your account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Online Banking.

    • Joint Accounts

    • The Savings Account can be opened and operated by joint applicants, for added convenience.

    • Nominations

    • You could nominate any person/s during the relationship for amounts of your choice.

    • Power Of Attorney

    • You could appoint any person of full contractual capacity to operate the account in your absence.

    • Safety deposit Lockers*